I’m Jake Whiston. And I’m Jordan Warmack.

Jordan and I have been writing music together for well over a decade.

In all those years, Jake and I learned how hard it is to find people you can trust, creatively and otherwise.

And even though I found that trust in someone like Jordan, I never imagined we'd be here, doing this, with only the two of us.

Neither did I. But Whiston & Warmack sprouted out from difficult soil — from a challenging time in our personal and creative lives.

And once we started this project by ourselves, the obstacles only grew.

Frankly, it was scary to go it alone, coming from a background of traditional four- and five-piece bands. 

That's why we thought the title of our first album should be something appropriate: Shall We Go Together, Down into the Dust?

So we invite you to take this journey with us; wherever it goes, we hope you’ll be there.